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To graduate the students who are able to keep up with technology, have the technical knowledge, supply the needs for manpower having the knowledge of basic knowledge of law of other sectors and judicial council is the main aim of the programme.

Receiving a good foreign language education; being trained with lectures given by the experts those skilled in their area; having experience and professional knowledge; being able to make vertical transfer to law faculties when the students are succesful; graduating with the enough equipment and understanding that make them succeeded in professional examinations are among the advantages of this programme.
Assessing the academic success depends on defining the aims that are designated in the learning outcomes. Carrying out the criterias of pedagogic assessment and evaluation meticulously as well as improving our student’s sense of belonging, and keeping in touch with graduateds; the performances and production that  our students display not only in their academic lives but also in their careers are among the criterias that specify the success of programme.

It is targeted that the graduateds principally have below stated basic professional skills so that the success of the aims of Justice Programme could be measured:

  • The ability of working in law offices, Attorney Partnerships and clerk’s offices,
  • The ability of filing and archiving,
  • To be expert in ten-finger typing which is very substantial and critically determinative for the employee who will work in clerk’s offices,
  • The ability of synthesizing, analyzing, interpreting, questioning, criticizing the vocational knowledge as well as comprehending and practicing legal profession regulation.
  • To be open to enhance oneself and his or her environment and to have effective communication with them
  • The ability of setting up
  • To acquire experience and full information about jurisdiction such as notification rules, pen regulation and transaction and NJIS etc.
  • The competence to communicate the experts in other areas and to keep up with teamworks and to have leadership qualities,
  • To have vocational and ethical sense of responsibility.
  • The ability of studying individualistically and effectively in well-disiplined teams and to have the self confidince of undertaking
  • The ability of accessing to information and for that purpose making literature search, utilising database and other information sources.
  • The ability of communicating both in oral and in written Turkish effectively
  • To have the responsibility of life long learning requirement; the ability of keeping step with the advancement in science and technology and renovating oneself constantly
  • To have the awareness about the juridical consequences of professional activity.


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