Department of Justice


Dear Students;

İzmir University of Economics Vocational School of Justice has been established for providing qualified intermediate staff to assist the conduct of judicial services. To graduate the students who are able to keep up with technology and who have the basic knowledge of law is the main aim of the programme.

In Vocational School of Justice, with the help of our law faculty academic staff, students benefit from theorotical and practical knowledge with regard to qualificiations required  by the justice service. Our graduates will have sufficient knowledge of law and they will have opportunity to work in public organizations, law firms and private organizations that provide legal services. On the other hand our graduates can have the possibility of to make vertical transfer to law faculties if they are succesful.

In this sense, we invite you to be a member of our Vocational School of Justice in order to achieve these goals.
Öğr. Gör. Dr. Utku TOPCAN
Director of Vocational School of Justice