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The main purpose of education Vocational School of Justice is to educate students who have theoretical infrastructure, have known the practice, follow the technology that should be able to meet the needs of judical council and other sectors’ intermediate manpower who possess fundamental law knowledge.

Justice professional staff are people who are interested in sociology and law, make good use of Turkish, and meticulous, careful and methodical, working with a sense of responsibility. They record course application, follow up implementation of decisions taken by judges, enforce court orders, collect receivables with practice enforceable judgment.

Izmir University of Economics Vocational School of Justice comes to the forefront with its curriculum which especially emphasis  on foreign languages, accounting and information technology issues. Courses and their contents, have been prepared to cover computer technology like UYAP network, which is very important for  realization of justice rapidly.

Our graduates are offered many options:Those, who wish to enter professional life, will be able to have extensive career opportunities in their respective fields after graduation.Those, who pass exams, are assigned to duties as justice’s chief executive or assistant manager, bailiff or assistant bailiff, court clerk etc. They can be appointed as the prison directorate in penal institution and have the opportunity to find jobs in a notary, in a bank, various public or private institutions and organizations.

Izmir University of Economics, Vocational School of Justice awards 4 students with full tuition scholarships. You may refer to “UNDERGRADUATE AND ASSOCIATE DEGREE SCHOLARSHIPS REGULATION” for other scholarships and opportunities offered by the University. 

Izmir University of Economics Vocational School of Justice’s language of instruction is Turkish. As well as providing, the opportunity of English preparatory class for students who wish,  there have been also English courses in this program for students and graduates in order to make  them able to follow the professional literature.

Izmir University of Economics, Vocational School of Justice is located at Balçova Campus of the University. Students are able to meet their needs on campus. In addition to this, the campus having a very central location provides an easy and quick access to many locations. Even though the campus is in downtown city, it is located at a serene place surrounded with natural beauties. 

The dormitory located on campus offers accommodation for students and meets their needs during their accommodation. 

Students, who wish to continue their education, will be able to take Vertical University Transfer Exam and complete their undergraduate studies in Law Faculty

The students are allowed to talk to or ask opinion of the academic staff whenever they want. Academic staff  will guide them on subjects such as course selections etc.


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